Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Step

We are getting ready to make a BIG step forward in this infertility journey of ours. My husband has decided we can do IVF....THIS YEAR!!! I was speechless when he told me, all I could do was hug and kiss him a million times over. Even though we are ready there are a couple of other things that need to fall into place; we need to save up some money as we want to put at least half down (1/2 way there already!!) and we need to be accepted into the Attain IVF program.

Once we decided on doing IVF, there was NO question that we would do the Attain program. This is a program that offers 6 potential IVF cycles, 3 fresh and 3 frozen with a money back guarantee. You pay the small fee of $21,700 and you are basically guaranteed a baby or you get 100% of your money back. However, its a program you have to be accepted into. So, right now I am currently inducing a period with Provera. As soon as AF arrives I will be getting a baseline ultrasound and will have Day 3 labs drawn. The results of that and all other past cycles will be sent to Attain. They will review it and will let me know within 48 hours if we are accepted or not. Please pray that we are!! I can't see paying for IVF any other way.

My husband and I have also talked about maybe trying just one more cycle of gonadotropins and IUIs.....but we are still undecided. IVF is SO expensive I think we both want to make sure we absolutely have to do it to have our miracle.

I have also been considering making my blog private. There have been some issues with people who read my blog and my facebook. Everything I write on here comes from me, NOT ELI. So if you have any questions about my blog, what you read, what you see etc. CALL ME, NOT ELI. He gets so irritated when people ask him things about the blog or MY facebook. This is our private life and is blogged about for my personal satisfaction and as a way to keep people updated. It is certainly not made for people to gossip about, make judgements about and to be talked about all the time. Please consider this, thank you!

I will update when I hopefully have good news about being accepted! Until then I will wait for AF to make her lovely appearance!

Love, Kristen