Friday, January 2, 2009

The Next Step

Today I went for my second ultrasound this week to see if there were any changes since Monday. There wasn't. There was no eggs that were ready and mature to be released. I was very upset and once again feeling hopeless. Dr. Kopher sat and talked to us (my mom was with me) and said that I should have a discussion with my Eli about the next step. He could tell my frustrations and emotions were rising and encouraged us to think about the injections we had talked about in the first appointment. He thinks it is the next step we need to take since my body has been so inconsistent with the Clomid. The only set back we have to doing the injections are the price. They are about $3,000 a month which is including the injections and all of the close monitoring that goes along with them. I did ask the triage nurse that I had talked to earlier in the day if it was a good idea to take a break from all of this. She encouraged me to stay strong and said its very unlikely that we would get pregnant on our own, seeing that I don't even get a period on my own. I will take any advice and encouragement I can get.
As soon as I left the clinic I called Eli right away. Being the sweet guy that he is said we can do whatever I am willing to go through and whatever we need to do to have a baby. He wanted me to tell him that the injections would work for sure...but I couldn't promise that. He said it doesn't matter about the money we will find some way to make it work. I know he is willing to go further as he is starting to get frustrated and hit by many emotions each month.
When I got home I called Dr. Kopher's office to tell them we have decided to go ahead with the next step and do the injections. The nurse right away put me on the next schedule to start, which is in February. Dr. Kopher likes all of the women doing injectables to start around the same time so he schedules in groups. The nurse gave me three appointments. She said if I don't get a period by January 24th (which I won't) then I am to take Provera to induce one. On February 2 I have an ultrasound and blood draw that basically clears me to start the injections. They make sure there are no follicles starting on their own. Then on February 5th I am scheduled to go to a "shot class" where I will learn to give the injections ( which I am pretty sure I can do already) and also learn how everything works with them. Right now I am still a little confused on how it all will go, I have many questions. February 9th will be my first follicle study with the injections. There they will see if I have any mature follicles that could be released with the Ovridrel injection. Once I am ready then we will do IUI twice. Like I said I am not sure how it all works but if I get my period I am to call right away so they can start me on a birth control pill??? Not sure why they do that. I will learn myself as time goes on. This is going to be a big learning process for the both of us.
I am excited to be doing something different but scared as well. There are more risks involved in doing this next step. There is an increased risk for multiples and more of a chance that my ovaries could be hyper stimulated. Please pray that things go well. I won't give up on prayer yet even though it hasn't seemed to help! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive. I have to thank my neighbor Emily especially. She has been there for me this whole time and is such a great listener, supporter and friend. Her and her family have become my net when I feel like I am falling. I will give an update if I learn more information or have more news.

Kristen & Eli

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MysteriousMindy said...

Wow, it makes me teary just to think about the pain and agony you must be going through...tough stuff that none of us ever thought would happen. It's great to see that Eli is being so must be hard for him too to just want to see you happy. I hope the injections will work for you! Does Dr. Kopher have a financial plan that if it doesn't work then you won't be responsible for the pay? I know the U of M reproductive medicine center should check into it! Keep us posted...venting and getting out your frustrations is so important. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with!