Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cycle Update

I apologize its been so long since I've updated....

It didn't work, again....I got my period. My period came 10 days after the last IUI, which is very abnormal. Its not supposed to come until 14 days after the last IUI in a "perfect" cycle. This happened before, with the last time that we did a complete cycle. When I called Dr. Kopher's office and told them I had gotten my period the nurse practitioner was a little concerned and talked with Dr. Kopher. They both agreed that it was too early for a period, especially when I was taking extra progesterone. Dr. Kopher suggested a follow up appointment to talk about maybe testing for a Luteal phase defect. Luteal phase is one of the "phases" in a woman's menstrual cycle. Its the time between ovulation and menses. I'm not sure how they test for a defect but I'm sure I've got it...why not add another problem to the list.

After all the tears and feelings of frustration and disappointment Eli and I had a very serious talk about what to do next. I like always want to keep trying. Eli wants a break. He expressed his feelings about what he was thinking and feeling and really wants a break. He feels like this has totally overcome our marriage, life, and everyday conversations. He is tired of "timed intercourse" and giving "samples" on the spot. He told me he "misses his wife" and wants to have some time to relax and not stress about trying to have a baby. He asked me to give him six months and after the first of the year we will have a discussion about when we will start this whole roller coaster again. I was very upset at first but came to realize I need a break too. As much as I want to keep going I am tired and emotionally and mentally drained. I am no longer mad or upset at Eli for wanting a break, I am thankful. Thankful that he is the strong one in the relationship and thankful that he is always looking out for us as a couple. I am not sure where I would be emotionally in the next couple of months if we kept going and ending with the same outcomes.

Despite the break we are taking from all of this, I am still going to continue to see Dr. Kopher. There are some things that we could try that would take a couple of months to even see if they have any effect. Metformin being one of them. It is a drug that is given to diabetics ans is often used in those with PCOS. There have been many reports of women with PCOS who take Metformin and get their cycles back or get pregnant on their own. That is one option I would be willing to try. Another is having a laproscopic surgery to see if there is any scar tissue affecting things from my previous surgeries. I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Kopher on Monday August 17 to discuss all that has happened and all that is left to try.

I also scheduled another appointment for a second opinion. I enjoy seeing Dr. Kopher and feel he is giving the best care and exploring each option but I am wanting a second opinion. I contacted the Minnesota for Reproductive Medicine office and have an appointment on Tuesday August 18 with Dr. John Maylo. I have only heard wonderful things about him and great success stories. He is currently reviewing all of the cycles and things we have done so far, as well as my history and Eli's history. I am excited to hear what he has to say and to find out what he suggests we start with when we are ready to try again.

This has been one stressful month but feel alot better about things. We have already taken time off to relax and enjoy ourselves. This past week we went to South Dakota for the 2009 Sturigs Motorcycle Rally. It was a blast and definitely worth doing again. We had so much fun riding, relaxing and site seeing in the gorgeous Black Hills!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying themselves and their family and friends. Things that are the most important in life! Thanks for all of the love!

Love, Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

This is tough stuff, Kristen, tough stuff. I think you're doing everything right, pursuing a second opinion, and taking a break. I hope that you and Eli can re-connect and enjoy your time together. I have an appointment at the Center for Reproductive Medicine as well on Sep. 4 with Dr. Campbell to start our fertility treatment journey. God bless!

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