Thursday, April 22, 2010

Consult Appointment

A little update from last Friday:

I had been contemplating over having the ovarian drilling done since the idea was brought up to me. Last week I called Dr. Malo's office and asked if I could get more information on the surgery. The nurse stated that Dr. Malo doesn't perform that type of surgery himself, and that I should talk to my primary doctor. So I called Dr. Baram's office and he said he wanted me to make an appointment with him so we could talk about it, said it was a confusing subject. My appointment with him was last Friday. We went over some of the things I have done and then talked about the future. He said he isn't totally against the surgery and would do it but agrees with Dr. Malo; if we have the money and opportunity to do IVF than do that instead. He said there isn't really much information on the surgery and really no good evidence to back it up. He said they used to do ovarian wedge resections all the time, which is similar, but they don't perform that surgery much anymore because of complications.
I left the appointment with a definite answer about what I would do. No more going back and forth contemplating. I will NOT be having the surgery done. We will just wait until we have the opportunity to do IVF. I feel good about this choice and glad I seen my primary doctor about this and got his opinion.
In the mean time we aren't stopping trying to get pregnant we just aren't doing any treatments, so keep praying for that miracle!

Love, Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

Glad you were able to do a consult and make an educated decision. Hoping IVF is your ticket to getting that bambino into your arms!

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