Thursday, December 23, 2010

IVF Cycle #1

We have officially started IVF Cycle #1......the first, and hopefully the last of our six potential cycles. Last Thursday I had my baseline ultrasound and was given the 'okay' to start stimulation medications today. The nurse practitioner who performed the ultrasound said my uterine lining looked good and my ovaries looked 'ready'. I took Menopur this morning and Follistim this evening. These injectable medications I have taken before, so I wasn't nervous starting them. Since I will be monitored closely, my first appointment is Tuesday and then almost every other day after that. For now, we just need to wait and pray. Wait for those eggies to grow and pray I don't get too many.
I can't believe this time is already here. I remember when they gave us this start date, seemed like forever away. I feel very blessed to be where I am right now, as I know many people who aren't as fortunate. We are that much closer to a miracle and the thought of that makes me so happy! Hope everyone had a great Christmas! I was going to share with you my favorite gift I received this year, however decided I will make a post about it another day. The gift is from my mom and has so much meaning to me. Hope everyone received a 'favorite' gift this year....

Love, Kristen & Eli


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