Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Plan of action...

I went to see Dr. Kopher on Tuesday Nov 11 to go over my labs and make a plan about the whats next. He said that my glucose labs were perfect and that he saw no reason to put me on Metformin as it would not help at all with good glucose. My FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luetinizing hormone) were also taken and Dr. Kopher said they were 'text book' for someone with PCOS. My FSH was 3.6 and my LH was 13.1. He said this is what usually happens, the LH triples to make the FSH. My testosterone was (embarrassing!) 93 and the normal range for a woman is 20-80. Like I said before I thank god I don't have any facial hair or manly characteristics! I did ask him if I don't already have these characteristics will I get them, he said most likely not. (Thank you!)
After explaining what PCOS was again and going over the details learned something new. The cysts are not actual cysts they are eggs. Eggs that have matured, weren't released and now form cysts. So my problem isn't my eggs its getting them to release into the uterus. So our plan for the next month is clomid again. He started me on 100mg of clomid once a day for 7 days. And then on November 24 I will go in for an ultrasound with him and we will see if any follicles or eggs are maturing and if so he will give me an injection to help release the eggs. Than we will have two choices; Intrauterine Insemination or go home and have sex. I think I would rather do the IUI just for safe measures ;) , although according to everyone in the clinic Eli's sperm are above and beyond perfect (he still talks about it :)
I left the office feeling pretty good about our decision and plan but was a little discouraged because Dr. Kopher said we will now on Nov 24 if this works or not. If not we are looking at injections which are expensive ($1,000-3,000 a month out of pocket) and have a high risk for multiples. However, he did say if nothing makes me ovulate that the injections most likely will. I guess we will make anything work for a baby, but lets just hope this works this month! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I will update on the 24th.
Oh one more thing I just have to say......its Jordan's "chore" to empty all the garbage's in the house on Thursday night and every time he jut breaks my heart and says "Kristen, are you going to have a baby yet?". I think he says this when he empties our garbage in the master bath because he seen a pregnancy test that said negative in there once and he had a melt down :( He is such a sweetheart and I know one day he will be the best big brother!
~Kristen and Eli

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