Monday, November 24, 2008

Ultrasound with Dr. Kopher

I had my ultrasound with Dr. Kopher today. Eli was unable to come as he was stuck at work. My mom showed up at the end of the appointment for support if I needed it (awesome mom!). He first looked at my right ovary and saw nothing, my hopes were up at this point. And then he looked at my left ovary and he said "Say hello to an egg". I was so happy! This was the best progress yet! I actually had 2 eggs in my left ovary that were mature and ready to be released. So from that he gave me an injection in my thigh of LH (normal hormone in the body). This usually works to release the egg or eggs. I am then most fertile 36-48 hours after the injection. I did ask him about doing Intra unterine Insemination for a better chance of getting pregnant. His response was that it wouldn't make a difference at this point, but further down the road it could be a possibility. He did also give me the percentages of getting pregnant this time and he said that I now have the chance that most fertile couples have each month and that is 10-15%. Its not 100% which I wish he could have said, but at least I am ovulating and having a "normal" percentage of getting pregnant! He also said that if we won the battle (ovulating) but we didn't win the war (getting pregnant) than I would get a period in about 17 days. If I'm pregnant I obviously wont'. I guess now we wait and see!
I am so relieved. I feel like things are coming together somewhat. However, I still have my sad times and get a little depressed around pregnant people. I want others to know I am happy for everyone who is pregnant even if I don't show it. Right now its still a little hard for me. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. They have started to work! Keep praying for pregnancy. And thank you grandpa I know you put in a good word for us up there, keep it up! Love you!
Love, Kristen & Eli Wolfe


Anonymous said...

Oh Kristen, that is such great news!! There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you!! I am praying for you and I hope that this month is THE month that will make your dreams come true!! Good luck and stay strong.

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