Sunday, March 29, 2009

The start of #2

Finally....after 3 LONG dreaded weeks we are going to start try #2 this week! Monday afternoon is my baseline ultrasound with Dr. Kopher. Where he looks to make sure everything is okay and ready to start the injections. I also stop taking birth control tomorrow, which is a relief because I hate taking them. My first injection will be Friday if everything is okay to start. I hope that things happen a little quicker this time, as last time I did injections for over two weeks and was at the doctor's office 12-13 times in those 2 weeks! I hope this second time is a charm.

One more thing I wanted to I have become addicted to the "blogging world". There is a blog that I have been reading called and she has a prayer list and she added me to her prayer list! She prays for those waiting for a child. She is an awesome woman and does wonderful things for others. Check it out if you are interested!
Pray for us, god is listening!

Love, Kristen & Eli Wolfe


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