Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Finally after the two week dreaded wait I got my period on Sunday night. We were both devastated. I am so thankful that Eli was still in town that night, as he left for a week the following day. I have come to realize that things don't always work the first time. Eli and I have talked and we will do the injections one more time and then take the summer off. I would much rather be pregnant but if I'm not after the second time there is a summer full of things waiting for me to do. There are 3 trips on the Harley planned that I will not be able to go on if I'm pregnant; as well as some other fun and exciting things. Please continue to pray as I am not giving up, just can't take the hurt and disappointment month after month.
We start the injections again April 3 with the first ultrasound a couple of days later. Thank you for all of your support, prayers and thoughts. Please continue to pray that the second time will be a charm!

Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

Wow, so hard!!! Hang in there! My mom went through fertility issues as well and she likes to remind me that if things happened her way, she wouldn't have the exact two children she has's completely understandable that if the second time doesn't work then taking time off is desired. I hope you continue to find strength during this difficult time and know that there are people around you who want to embrace you.

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