Monday, November 2, 2009

Ultrasound #2

There was a change in plans. I got a call Friday evening from Dr. Malo's office, the nurse who called instructed me not to come on Saturday for my ultrasound but to come on Sunday morning. Good news and bad news. Good news, the appointment Sunday wasn't until 9:30AM, instead of at the crack of dawn. Bad news, it was the morning after Halloween!

Sunday morning came and went, thankfully fast, because it was the worst visit ever. The environment and the staff at the clinic were not as nice as the Lilydale office. There were two women who were in the ultrasound with me, one performing and one watching? The woman who did the ultrasound was so rough I had never been in so much pain with an ultrasound. I kept telling her how bad it hurt and she just replied with "your ovaries are hard to find and we need to look at them". I was in tears by the end of the ultrasound and they didn't give me anything to clean up with (if you ever have had a vaginal ultrasound they LOAD on the gel). At the Lilydale office before they leave the room they get a wash cloth and warm it up and hand it to you. Its little things like that, that make these frequent visits much more pleasant. Thankfully a woman who I recognized came in after the ultrasound, she was from the Lilydale office, and gave me my treatment plan. The two follicles on the left side hadn't grown much more, and unfortunately multiple smaller ones were getting bigger. The plan is to continue on the same medication I am on until Wednesday when I go back in for my third ultrasound, thankfully at the Lilydale office.

On top of the horrible ultrasound I ended up sitting at a pharmacy after the appointment for over an hour! I told the nurse practitioner who went over my treatment plan that I had run out of medication and wouldn't be receiving the medication until Monday when Fed Ex could deliver it. She said if we had been at the Lilydale office they could give me an "emergency" dose for one day, but the Minneapolis doctors are more strict and won't do that. So, she wrote me a prescription and told me to go to this pharmacy down the road who had the medication in stock. After about 30 minutes of waiting for them to fill it the pharmacist calls me up and tells me my insurance will not allow them to fill the prescription. The insurance company was saying it was too early to fill another prescription with that medication because it shows that I had recently filled it. True, but it doesn't say that it won't be delivered until Monday. AGHHHH!!! The pharmacist tells me I can pay for the medication out of pocket and have my insurance company reimburse me. Considering I asked him how much it comes to, over $700.00!!!! Who did he think I was? Who walks around with $700.00 on the them?? After that I just left. At this point it had already been over an hour since I had first gotten there. I called back to the clinic to tell them the situation and they too suggested I pay out of pocket!!! I asked the nurse if it would be okay for the one day to take Repronex, the medication I had taken before, for the one night. Since Meopur and Repronex are made by the same supplier and basically the same drug she said that would be just fine. Thankfully!!! I was so irritated and mad by this time I was willing to do anything to just get home. After all that I really hope I won't have to go back to the clinic and if I do then I hope its a better experience.

On top of everything that happened, I started having some bleeding Sunday night. I was super concerned because this had never happened before. It wasn't very heaving but enough to wear a liner. However, it was gone by the time I woke up yesterday morning. Still concerned I called Dr. Malo's office. The nurse on the phone seemed concerned but told me that it may be because they have me on such a slow pace injection plan that my uterine lining may be confused and shedding some, or that the ultrasound tech yesterday hit my cervix and she is sorry if that happened ( HA!). She told me to call back immediatley if I have a fever, cramps or more bleeding.

So glad Sunday is over! I have many things to do this week so hopefully I can keep my mind off things! I will update on Wednesday after my ultrasound. Please keep praying and send some positive thoughts my way I am needing them! Thank you.

Love, Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

Definitely sounds like I'm not the only one with issues at the office- Wish I could go to Lilydale but the MPLS one is 3 blocks from my work. They're so rude in there and we pay big bucks to see them. I really think we should say something because it's not right to be treating such vulnerable people with disrespect and insensitivity. And that pharmacy thing must have been so frustrating- as if you weren't stressed out enough and then have to go through that crap. UGGHHH!!! Anyways I hope everything works out...keep me updated

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