Monday, November 9, 2009


The insemination on Saturday at the Minneapolis clinic went well! I was so glad the nurse was very nice and did a great job of explaining and answering any questions. So now, we just wait. The long and dreaded 2 week wait. I go in for a pregnancy test 2 weeks from today, Monday. Please continue to pray, this just has to be our month. Please god, please.

In the past I have had bleeding before the 2 week wait was over, so they are calling that a luteal phase defect. To help prevent that this time I am on two different medications that i started yesterday. The nurse practitioner who prescribed them said they are the same medication that they use with those going through Invitro. The one medication is called Vivelle dots. They are medication patches that go on my lower abdomen and continuously give progesterone. I will change them every 3 days. I was afraid they would fall off during shower, baths etc. but they haven't come off at all. The other medication is called Endometrium. It is a long skinny pill that is inserted vaginally. Its just like the progesterone suppositories I did in the past and yes they are super annoying. Especially since I have to do them twice a day! They will be so worth it though! Hopefully these medications will help with the luteal phase defect. They will keep my uterine lining thick and make a good home for an embryo to attach :) One of the things that is concerning with a luteal phase defect is miscarriage, when the uterine lining isn't good enough to keep a pregnancy. I also did acupuncture yesterday, Sunday. It hurt a little more this time, especially in my ears. Those are the worst spots! I am going to continue to do acupuncture and my next appointment is tomorrow at noon. Hoping she will forget about my ears :)

Love, Kristen & Eli


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