Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year!! We have been so busy with all of the holidays I haven't had time to update my blog. Although we are not actively doing fertility treatments I would like to still update my blog on our family and life!
After our last fertility treatment the nurse instructed me to take Provera to get a period as soon as possible, not to have sex because of the possibility of getting pregnant on my own with that many eggs. Well, being the compliant patient that I am I didn't take the Provera right away....however we did not get pregnant. But one amazing thing happened, I GOT MY PERIOD ON MY OWN. Not with any medications, not after and ovulation induction, simply on my own. I have NEVER in my life gotten a period on my own. Hopefully, it will continue. I have started keeping track of my cycles to see what my body does on its own. Maybe the Metformin is starting to work ??? Whatever it is I hope it continues. This whole taking a break thing hasn't been so bad. I am actually liking it. Not having to go to the doctor, worry about taking an injection everyday, worrying and stressing if this month will be our month and I have felt "lighter" and more stress free lately. Although, I still do have my moments. The last one being yesterday at my mom's for New many pregnant people talking about their pregnancy....even though I am so so happy for them, its just plain hard listening to it when you want to be in their shoes so badly. No one would understand unless they have gone through it.
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone good health and happiness in 2010!!

Love, Kristen & Eli


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