Friday, December 11, 2009


Things are working! Thank god! My estrogen level was over 500 yesterday and I have 2 follicles growing at the same rate. Now if only we can get them to continue to grow at the same rate and mature together! The estrogen level is what I am so excited about. Even though the follicles only measured around 11.0 the estrogen level tells us that they, or one, are going to continue to grow. Sometimes you see the results in the estrogen before you see the growth in the follicle(s). I am back down to taking 112.5 of Menopur and go back for another ultrasound on Saturday morning in Minneapolis. I am hoping things will be ready by Monday and we will be doing IUI Monday or Tuesday. Please continue to pray that things keep growing and keep us in your hearts as this will be our last round of injections and IUIs. Thank you.

Love, Kristen & Eli


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