Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garage Sale/Benefit

Nothing much has changed over the past month. We are still trying to save money until we have at least half the amount to cover IVF. We have set up a separate savings account titled "Baby". I have been speechless and in awe of the things Eli has done to help us save and cut costs of things. He traded the Harley in for another Harley that has a cheaper monthly payment, sold his trailer, traded the truck in for a decrease in monthly payment, gets a small coffee each morning instead of a large and much more! (I will never get him to stop with the coffee so that is HUGE!) He has always supported me in my IVF choice, but now its like he wants to do it too and he is a different person about the whole subject. I love it and I love him that much more for trying hard to make this happen for us!!
We have also been asked by many if we are going to have a benefit or how they can help. It was mentioned to me by a family member that we should do a garage sale and whatever we make will go into our "baby" account. She said she recently went to a garage sale where the proceeds were going to a family trying to raise money for IVF and she donated just because of the cause. I liked that idea better then a benefit so we are going to do it. I have tried to spread the word to friends and family. We are asking if anyone has ANYTHING they want to get rid of and would be willing to donate it to our sale we would greatly appreciate it! We don't want people to feel obligated to donate. We are only asking for stuff you would most likely get rid of to goodwill or somewhere else. Please let me know by email or message on here if you have thing(s) to donate. If could be one item or a bunch of stuff. I will either pick up from your house or you are welcome to drop anything off at my house at anytime. We will be having the sale at the end of September so you have time! Again DO NOT feel obligated. I am so excited about this whole thing!!
Hope everyone is having a great summer as it is coming to an end too quickly!

Love, Kristen & Eli


Erin said...

I am glad that you found my blog and that I hope my journey will help you along yours.

Congrats on getting accepted into the Attain program. That is very exciting news!

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Zookeeper Jess said...

Awesome idea!!! I hope that your fund gets filled fast!!!

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