Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stim Day #10

Today is Stimulation Day 10. I had an ultrasound and blood work yesterday and today. Not much has changed. The follicles are growing SLOW and my Estradiol level has fallen as a result of the decrease in medication Dr. M prescribed. Dr. M and the nurses all believe things are still going really well and I am "right on track". The nurse called this afternoon and told me Dr. M wants me to increase my Follistim back up tonight and he also wants me to take 75u of Menopur. I am getting nervous about the falling Estradiol level, hoping it rises with the increase in medication without hyperstimulating. In a past IUI cycle I had a falling Estradiol level and it never came back up, that cycle was cancelled. PLEASE say an extra prayer tonight, we don't want to cancel this cycle, we would be devastated. I will update tomorrow after my appointment.

Love, Kristen & Eli


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and praying for you like crazy!! You are wonderfully strong and amazing and you deserve your miracle!! Take care and good luck and I cannot wait for that GOOD news!!

Gigger said...

Sending all kinds of prayers your way!!