Monday, May 16, 2011

First OB Appointment

No weekly post this week, sorry. I am trying to relax and just get through week by week. In 2 days I will be 10 weeks!! Getting closer and closer to that 12 week mark, second trimester. I had my first OB appointment last Thursday. Everything went well. I am seeing an OB that I have seen before and one that I work with so I already knew how great he would be! To ease my mind he did an "unofficial" ultrasound and I got to see that perfect little heart beat and baby was moving/jumping! It was soooo good to see. Dr. B said he didn't see any sign of a hemorrhage using the abdominal ultrasound. So, he said it may still be there but its a good sign that he can't identify it on the "outside" its that small. I haven't had any spotting since last Wednesday. Every time I visit the bathroom I thank god! I have another appointment next week with Dr. B just to follow up on the bleeding. I also have my first trimester screen ultrasound and blood work next week as well. Can't wait to see our peanut again!! I will do a weekly post this week, promise!! Please keep praying. I am having such a good feeling that things are going to be okay :-)

Love, Kristen


Erin said...

still praying for you!

Mindy said...

Yay! I'll keep praying, things are looking excellent Kristen!

Nicole said...

Haven't heard from you in a while! So glad things are getting better. You and your peanut are still in my prayers. Love you!!