Friday, October 2, 2009

Good News!

Things have been going well! The Metformin side effects have finally settled down some and although somewhat discouraging, I have lost 6 lbs. I hoped for more by this time but I will keep working on it. I have lots of other good news as well!

We got another puppy! She is 7 weeks old and is the most adorable thing ever. Her name is Mya and her and Macey just love each other. I was worried about having 2 dogs, but actually found out 2 is easier then 1. They play with each other and keep each other company. Here is a picture of our newest addition:

The other good news is Eli and I talked about things and have decided to go ahead and try another round of injections and IUIs before the end of the year! I think our biggest influence was the fact that we won't be paying anymore out of pocket this year, insurance covers everything 100% since we reached our max out of pocket. We made a deal to try once or twice more before the end of the year and if by that time we still don't have our miracle we will talk about IVF. Eli did say that if we were to do IVF we would have to wait until Spring or Summer when his business picks up or I get another job or increase hours. So we will wait until Spring or Summer :) I had my blood drawn at clinic the other day because they want to induce a period since I haven't had one since July. The pregnancy test was of course negative, however my progesterone level was up so we can't induce one yet. I go back next week for another lab draw!
Hope all is well with everyone! Missing summer already but ready for fall!
Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

Yay! Super excited you and Eli decided to start up again. Can they do progesterone support for your luteal phase defect? If not, is there anything they are doing to help you out with that?

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