Monday, October 12, 2009

Okay to start!!

I had my blood drawn this morning and my progesterone level was exactly the same as last week. They are thinking that's just my baseline. I also had a negative pregnancy test, no surprise there! So they gave me the okay to start Provera to induce a period. On day three of my cycle I will have my baseline ultrasound. The injectable medication I will be taking is called Menopur. From what I have been reading it is the same as the Repronex I was on. Same medication just different names. I am a little nervous about starting that again as last time I ended up with cellulitis. However, Dr. Malo thinks its the best medication for my situation. Dr. Malo's office uses a mail order pharmacy so I will be having my medication brought to me by UPS tomorrow! One less time I need to make a trip to the office! I excited to be starting another cycle but can only pray this time it will work. I will update when I can, but for now take medication to bring on a woman's worst time of the month :(

Love, Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

I meant to write this early, but YAY! Super excited that you get to start again! Maybe the Metformin will help along with the meds. like research has shown...maybe it will help bring a baby into your arms. Praying for you and Eli!

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