Sunday, February 20, 2011

IVF Cycle #2

Finally, an update!! This is a MUCH needed, and asked for, update. Sorry!! I have tried to take my mind off infertility for the last month and just relax. Its been a nice break!

Things are in the works for IVF cycle #2. We had our Nurse Consultation appointment last week and we signed consents and reviewed "the plan" for the next cycle. Dr. M has changed my protocol and we are taking the Lupron path instead of the antagonist path this time around. Lupron is used as a suppression drug. It suppresses the pituitary gland, the gland that is responsible for triggering ovulation. Dr. M's hope is that this will help during the stimulation phase and is used instead of the Cetratide, which is one of the things to blame the cancellation of my last cycle. I will start Lupron injections this week and my last birth control will be Wednesday March 2. My baseline ultrasound is March 8 and my first stimulation medication will be taken March 12. The stimulation medications are staying the same; Menopur and Follistim. We are hoping and praying this cycle doesn't get cancelled.

We are taking one "last vacation" before starting and going to Mexico!! We are very excited and will be going with my brother and his wonderful girlfriend! I will be starting my Lupron while I am in Mexico so I do have to bring a note/permission from the Doctor to carry the medication and syringes on the plane. Hope that goes smoothly!

I promise to update more throughout this next month. Hoping to be updating good news this time around, start to finish! Please keep praying for us! Thank you all so much!

Much love, Kristen & Eli

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