Saturday, October 4, 2008

Test results

I got my progesterone test results yesterday. It was not good, in fact it was worse then the first month, 1.0.........I am so devastated. After crying and a few hugs and words from Eli and my mom I felt better but still sad and found myself thinking again how unfair life can be. Work just confirms this for me. There are women who are having babies and do drugs, don't take care of themselves, have no home, no family, no where to go but god has given them the gift of pregnancy. Why? No one will ever know, and I won't give up on god now. I even ask my grandpa Seviola who passed away in May to send me some luck and put in a good word for Eli and I! I hope he is listening.
I go to the doctor on Wednesday this week, so we will see what Dr. Baram has to say. Pray for some good news, like maybe the test was wrong :) (Hey I believe in miracles!)
Oh almost forgot, Dr. Baram suggested Eli have his sperm tested, so he did and he is good to go! Nothing wrong in that department. That's good news!

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