Monday, October 27, 2008


I heard back from Dr. Baram and he said he does not want me to do another month of Clomid like we originally planned. He wants me to wait and see Dr. Kopher as soon as I can. I made my appointment with him on November 3rd, next Monday. I have so many questions to ask him, so I am writing them down so I don't forget! Hopefully we like him. I have heard that people either love him or hate him! I guess we will see. I am excited but scared to make this next step. An infertility doctor? I never though I would have to see one. I hope all goes well and I know I have such a great support system. Its amazing how many people have emailed me and sent good wishes our way. For that, we thank everyone. Its such a blessing to have wonderful family and friends! I will update after our appointment.
Thank you!
~Kristen & Eli


Emily said...

As always, I will be thinking only the best for you! I hope you like him.

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