Friday, February 6, 2009

Shot Class

Yesterday Eli and I went to our shot class. Where we learned how to use the Follistim Pen (picture above) to do the injections. It was actually easier then I thought, its just a subcutaneous shot not an IM shot. I just give myself 100units of the medication a day in my abdomen. The nurse said she doesn't know how long I will have to do the injections it all depends on my body. My first ultrasound and blood work is on Monday at 8:00AM. She said most likely my body will not be ready and may not have any eggs, but they just want to get an idea on how fast my body is reacting and to make sure I'm not negatively reacting to the drug. Monday Dr. Kopher will review my ultrasound and my blood work and let me know if I should increase my dose, decrease my dose, keep it the same and when I should come back for another ultrasound and blood work. The nurse said to expect at least 6 ultrasounds and blood work during the course of one treatment! That clinic will become my home away form home! We ended up having to pay for the medication yesterday, which we weren't expecting. Insurance did cover about $900.00 and we paid about $300.00 out of pocket. It was amazing how quick I was to give the pharmacist my credit card without even thinking twice. I would do anything and pay anything for a miracle!
I am really hopeful that this will work, at least to make me ovulate. It just has to I don't know how much more disappointment I could take. Everyday I pray and I am leaving it up to god. He has to know how wonderful parents we are and how much we want a baby. Work is getting harder because there is about 9 nurse who are pregnant. There isn't a night that goes by without talking about some one's "pregnancy". Still, I love my job and love working with laboring moms and nothing will make me lose my passion for it.
I will update on Monday after I hear from Dr. Kopher. Please pray for us, as I know prayer can do miracles.

Kristen & Eli

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MysteriousMindy said...

Good luck with everything! Let me know how it goes, side effects, etc...I'm really interested as I will most likely be there myself someday. Hang in there!