Monday, February 2, 2009


I finally got my period after taking 10 days of progesterone. I was then instructed to start on birth control until today Monday Feb. 2. They said it was to put my body "on hold" so that I didn't ovulate on my own. They will control everything with the injections. I also had a baseline ultrasound this morning. They looked to make sure I didn't have any follicles on my ovaries so I would be able to start the injections. Everything looked fine so we are good to go this Thursday to our shot class where I will take my first injection. The ultrasound tech said that sometimes it can take 1 week and a woman's body is ready to ovulate where others it could take up to two weeks. The treatment time will depend on how fast my body reacts to the injections. I have learned that the main injection I will be taking daily is Follistim. I am a little nervous but ready to start. I think I am most nervous about Ovarian Hyperstimulation. This can happen especially to those with PCOS whose ovaries are already enlarged. The ovaries can become even larger and cause multiple problems and lead to hospitalization.

I recently have started reading a book called "Multiple Blessings". It is about Jon and Kate plus 8, for those of you who know about them. I am half way through and can't believe how alike my life is to Kate's. Before she had her children she was a labor and delivery nurse, like me! She was shortly diagnosed with PCOS after her marriage to Jon, at the time Jon was 24, Kate was 28 ( I am 24, Eli is 28). I was very surprised when I read that Kate also did the injections that I am starting this week and that is how her and Jon had their first set of twins and then the sextuplets! I thought for sure she had done invitro, but she just did the injections. I couldn't believe it. I know it seems weird but I feel like God wanted me to read her story to give me a positive attitude about this month. I have very good feelings about this month and multiple people have also said this to me.

I am inspired by Kate and how she dealt with the pain and disappointment throughout her diagnosis and first disappointment of the injections not working (they worked both on the second month!). God was a very important part of her life as she was going through everything. In her book she quotes many verses from the bible. One of my favorites is Psalm 139:16, which says that "all of our days are fashioned for us before we've even lived one of them". I truly believe this and know in my heart god has a plan for Eli and I and knows when, where, and how our baby will come. Its so hard to give up on god when I see so many undeserving people at work have babies and I am having such trouble. Here are so more quotes that I have fallen to love:
"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart" Psalm 37:4.
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight" Proverbs 3:5-6.
I definitely have found another way to deal with everything and have looked up to god even more as the days go by.

My sister gave me the best advice this weekend, she said that I just need to take everything and hand it to god. Take my nervousness, disappointment, hurt, pain, all feelings and "problems" and hand them to god. Let him deal with everything. I love her for giving me that advice and I am trying to do it. My sister is a good support person for me, as I feel we have gotten closer over last couple months.

Please continue to pray for Eli and I as we start the injections on Thursday. I will update you as soon as things start getting going. I believe my first of many ultrasounds and blood work is scheduled a week from today.
Thank you.

Love, Kristen & Eli

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Emily said...

I love the spirit that you are going into this week with. You are such a strong person Kristen and God knows that you can handle this! I'm so glad you found Kate's book. Love you!