Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ultrasound #3

Today I went to the clinic for my third ultrasound and blood work. I feel like I live at the clinic! I actually saw Dr. Kopher today, usually I see an ultrasound tech, so it was nice to see him. There were two eggs today that were measurable. You can't measure the follicles until they are greater than a cm and for maturity they need to be greater than 18 cm. The two that I have today measured about 1.1 and 1.2. I asked him about the length of time and he said they are slower to get to 1cm but after that they grow very quickly! He is expecting them to mature this week. He wants to see me back for my fourth ultrasound on Monday. My estrogen level today was 118, so it too is slowly increasing! I did ask Dr. Kopher about my chances and how likely it is that this works for those with PCOS and he responded with "this will work". I am leaving this in gods hands, with Dr. Kopher's expertise, and waiting for that miracle we have been wanting so bad.
I will update on Monday after ultrasound #4!!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Love, Kristen & Eli


MysteriousMindy said...

Yay! Super exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more updates!!!

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