Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today is 3 days past a 5 day transfer. I am feeling well.......sometimes I think too well. Not feeling pregnant AT ALL. Having my minute I think "How can this not work?", next minute "Why would it work?". I bought some pregnancy tests today. Haven't thought about when or IF I am going to pee on them. I am scared. Scared this didn't work....scared it will never work. I am keeping a positive attitude though, but also guarding my heart. I am ready to be done with these IM progesterone shots...Eli has been doing a good job giving them, but my butt hurts!!! Tomorrow I start Vivelle patches. Patches that contain progesterone to keep the uterine lining PERFECT! Actually, the worst part is the side effect of the progesterone shot, constipation. Worst.Feeling.Ever. Maybe its god's way of preparing for pregnancy?? Doesn't hurt to think positive out of something negative! Keep the prayers you all!! Love, Kristen & Eli

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Natasha said...

;) Sorry Kristen, constipation usually runs the length of pregnancy too. I know it's TMI but I pretty much had to eat an apple every day to feel okay.

Keep the positive spirits up! Soon, you'll know. That embryo is just settling in.