Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Transfer Part 2

Monday we got to the clinic and met my mom there. She was there for support and I couldn't have imagined her not being there for something so important. Eli got to come back to the procedure room with me, mom didn't. I was feeling pretty nervous but when the Valium took effect I felt a little more relaxed. Eli and I both had our minds made up that we would put two embryos in. When Dr. M came in he had me lay down looked at my ovaries and felt my abdomen. He said my left ovary was still very large and I had some fluid in my abdomen, all signs of OHSS. Then he gave his recommendation of only putting one embryo in. I was devastated.....when you have your mind set and someone tells you otherwise it makes it that much harder. He said he strongly recommends one at this point for these reasons; 1. History of OHSS 2. Size of my ovaries and the fluid in my abdomen 3. The risk to the pregnancy if I develop OHSS He also said he doesn't just want a positive pregnancy test, he wants a healthy baby and a healthy mom. He basically told me he was only willing to put one in for my safety and health. OHSS develops and gets worse with pregnancy. We very much trust his decision and his 32 years of experience. So, we transferred one PERFECT little embryo!!! It was amazing to watch the embryo being transferred to my uterus on the ultrasound. After the transfer I had to lay there for 10 minutes and then they let me empty my bladder and then had me lay down flat for about 40 more minutes. Eli left to go to work and my mom brought me home. I am on "bedrest" until at least tomorrow afternoon. Only able to get up to go to the bathroom, wash face, brush teeth etc. No showering!! Can't wait to take a shower tomorrow, that has been the hardest part for me! Thank you for every one's support. All of you make this hard journey a little more easier. Thank you so very very much! We love you all!! Please continue to pray that this little embryo is sticking, I am ready to have a positive pregnancy test. I now believe I deserve this, we have been through so much. April 6th is my pregnancy test and we will find out what we already know, I'm pregnant :-) Lots of love, Kristen & Eli


LindsayMielzarek said...

You deserve this sweetheart! Praying praying praying!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I cannot wait to find out!! You deserve this more than anyone and I praying SOOOOOO hard for you!!