Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still growing!!

The embryologist called this morning and we have a transfer time....11:30AM tomorrow!! Words can't describe how excited I am! She said all but one of the embryos were growing at a perfect rate and were right on track! So, we still have 17!!! Is it crazy to be attached to 17 clusters of cells???!!! Call me crazy but I felt a sigh of relief that my embryos were safe and growing and I felt bad for the little one who probably won't make it. If I sound crazy I blame it on all of the hormones I am on ;-) Ha! We have to arrive at the clinic at 11:00AM. Starting at 10:30AM I need to start drinking water so I have a full bladder for the transfer. I also have to take Valium at that time. Please think of us and PRAY at 11:30AM that things go smoothly and that those little embryos stick! I PROMISE I will take such good care of them....all they have to do is stick! Tomorrow when I update, I will be pregnant....that makes me sooooo happy and excited! Finally! Lots of love, Kristen & Eli


Anonymous said...

OMG! I am beyond speechless! Congrats and good luck! You deserve this!!!!!!

Emily said...

Oh Honey, its about time you get to this point. I am thinking of you constantly and hoping that everything goes smoothly tomorrow! Love you lots and so happy to see you happy!

Lori said...

Prayers coming your way :) I remember this day like it was is an amazing day. Good STICK!!!